Mugen Shiipou Ishidai..worlds most expensive rod?

May 18, 2009 by admin  
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Daiwa japan are well known for there limited edition fishing tackle. Keeping with that tradition Daiwa have released possibly one of the worlds most expensive rods the Mugen Shiipou Ishidai. With around a 1,050,000JPY retail ( $10,500USD) it certainly is up there in price. ish

I’m not the best at translating Japanese to english but from the specs it looks like the Mugen Shiipou Ishidai is not only the most expensive, but could be one of longest rods out there to. Coming in at a whopping 5.7 meters its guaranteed to attract something during a lightening storm.

The line class is rather extreme aswel, at 100lb. Max which is some serious string. A few other stand out features are the:

  • Yaku Cedar Butt End ( a rare wood)
  • Stingray Skin grip ( same as old Japanese Swords used to use)
  • Technical Artword coated with Shikki(Laquer)
  • 18 carat gold reel seat
  • Customers name written in gold on the blank
  • Kaga Yuzen soft case
  • Paulownia wooden rod case

These rods are made to order and are available from June 5, but for how long we dont know. All I can say is these are for the faint hearted, weak armed or shallow pocket. A serious rod built to the highest specifications and technology available; The Mugen Shiipou Ishidai’s are a nothing short of Art.  Despite the effects of the recession there is still plenty of money out there and I wont go far past saying that I’m sure a few will turn over.  A few more pics..


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  1. quincy says:

    why would you fricken by that you cant even use it

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