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April 19, 2011 by Cal  
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The 2010 Certate is now part of the author

For years now Daiwa has led the rest of the market in clever innovation and design. It is this reinvention of their product, year after year that has reinforced their standpoint as one of the worlds leading fishing tackle providers. The 2010-2011 season is no exception, with the introduction of the new 2010 Certate.



From the ground up the new Certate has a completely different feel mainly to do with two headlining technologies MAG SEAL and AIR ROTOR.

The MAG SEAL in the Certate is utilised under the rotor, where the pinion exits the body of the reel. In previous attempts to form a seal, gaskets were used but this creates friction between the pinion gear and the gasket and consequently winding inertia.

The new MAG SEAL aims to essentially to make the reel impenetrable to saltwater corrosion, a fisherman’s worst enemy, that and sunburn. Daiwa have done this by very cleverly combining A) grease with B) microscopic metal filings which together don’t make anything special, just a grease with metal filings in it. But as the name suggests add magnets to the equation and suddenly the compound becomes magnetized sticking to the surrounding metals thus forming a barrier against saltwater.

AIR ROTOR is a super light rotor design, made to cut down on the overall weight of the reel and increase sensitivity. No new technologies have been used here, the rotor is constructed of Daiwa’s trademark ZAION material. A material they claim to be just as light as magnesium but 30% stronger and of course being a blend of plastics and graphite’s the material is 100% saltwater friendly. They have also lightened the feel of the rotor by cutting out the excess weight. A simple but very effective concept that lightens the package considerably.

Along with the sleek new looking features of the 2010 Certate the internal gearing of the reel has also received an upgrade. It now boasts DIGIGEAR II which is constructed of super lightweight aluminium main gear and and a brass pinion gear for sustained ultra smooth meshing of the gears. Also worth noting compared to the original DIGIGEAR system the main gear is now considerably larger which under load will increase the low down torque and cranking power of the reel.

Certate 2010 2506

The 2010 Certate is available in 7 sizes in the standard gearing and 3 sizes in the all new released Hi-Gear Custom Models. Which one you buy will weigh heavily weigh on the type of fishing you intend to do. The 1003, 2004 and 2506 models are fitted with Ultra Finesse spools which pull 2-3kg of super smooth drag ideal for lighter lines of 4-8lbs. Where as the standard models are capable of pulling up to 7kg of drag much more suited to harder faster running fish.

Whatever your choice the Certate 2010 is a long term investment with the well implemented technologies, this reel has been engineered to meet all your fishing demands.

Certate 2010 2506

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