Christmas Gift Ideas for Fishermen 2010

November 11, 2010 by Josh  
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It’s that time of year again. Father’s day and thanks giving whizzed by quickly and Christmas is rapidly approaching. So what do you buy a fishermen this xmas? Here’s a few stand out products that will put a smile on any fishermen’s face.

We reported on this first one a while back, but this is still a winner for me. The Screaming reel alarm clock is a replica fishing reel alarm clock, complete with an alarm sound every fishermen dies to hear, a ratchet screaming off at a million miles an hour. These come in at around $299USD and are available now at

A must have accessory for any man, fishermen or not, is a watch. Sure you can check the time on your cell phone but the fact is watches are still the most practical accessory a man can have. Combining a normal watch with fishing features and you get the Casio Fish N Time watches from the Outgear range. These allow fishermen to know peak feeding times and moon phases, which means less guess work and hopefully catching more fish! They start at around $199.

Whats better than one tool? More than one. The Leatherman range of multi-tools are a great gift idea for any outdoors man. The Leatherman Supertool 300 is back with a vengeance. This classic multitool has 19 tools in one, making it a super tough and super versatile fishing accessory. These go for anywhere from $100-130supertool-300

Fishing usually involves some sort of low light conditions. Whether its getting up at 4am to catch the sunrise bite, or fishing after dark in search of some nocturnal feeders, a fishermen needs a good headlamp. Petzl headlamps are the leaders in headlight technology. Their quality range of LED headlamps make fishing in low light a whole lot easier. The TACTIKKA® XP ADAPT is a state of art light that allows the headlamp to be used normally or mounted to a belt, pocket etc. With 3 light levels and a booster than allows a mini spotlight upto 50 meters, the TACKTIKKA XP ADAPT is ready to light up your day. Available from most stores for around $70.


There is nothing better on a day of bad weather, then kicking back with a cold beer and seeing how fishing was done in days gone by. The Mal Florence Fishing Collection DVD’s features some amazing footage of some old school fishing and some amazing captures. There are two installments in the collection and both have 8 episodes in each set. They are available now for $39.99 and the perfect addition to any fishermen s DVD collection.

Thats all for now. Happy Fishing and best wishes for the festive season!