New 2014 Shimano Stella

January 7, 2014 by TT  
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Shimano has been dropping a few sneak peaks of the 2014 Shimano Stella. Not to replace the gigantor SW series, these smaller reels are rumored to be the new freshwasher model to replace the FE stellas of days gone by. Due to land in SE Asia in early 2014. More to come..

Shimano drops the S word – Stella SW 2013

January 15, 2013 by TT  
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Shimanos response to the 2012 Saltiga Dogfight has finally been announced and they are coming out swinging. 13 new models ranging from the 4000SW up to the mighty 30000SW. Features are expected to include newer, stronger gears, aluminium rotor, new technological advances in using carbon materials and spool lip coating. More info as it comes to hand.

New Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 7000H for release in 2012

June 10, 2012 by TT  
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Well I guess we called it somewhat right back in January, as Daiwa has just announced a new Dogfight in the ranks! The new Dogfight 7000H has just been revelead in an official blog by Daiwa Australia.

They haven’t released much info on it just yet but they have said it will possess all the current features of the Saltigas, and most likely more. This includes the Magseal technology which uses magnetic grease/oil to prevent water intrusion and is still possibly the best reel sealing currently on the market. Come on Shimano, catch up!

One can also expect it to also feature the Magsealed line roller, as seen on the 2012 Exist. The Zaion air rotor will be there no doubt, as it has been a tried and tested feature on the current Saltigas.

Zaion is Daiwas own special material that is super light weight yet retains massive strength. It not only reduces weight but also decreases stress and flexing. This Air Rotor design is made to work in conjunction with the mag seal, which creates airflow stopping moisture, salt, sand and dust from collecting inside the reel .

All in all this looks to be a tough, all purpose spinner. A notable difference between this and the existing Saltigas available down under is that it will feature a 7000 size spool which holds approx 350m of PE8, versus the 300m of PE8 on a 6500H Spool.

This combined with familiar black and gold paint job make it quite a package. Let’s hope for Daiwas sake that it gets as big a cult following as the original “Doggy” . Available September 2012..More details as they come to hand..


New Saltiga Dogfight available late 2012



Nitro Rockstar – Heavy duty land based spinning just got serious

May 22, 2012 by TT  
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The Nitro Rockstar by Innovator rods is a new addition to Nitro’s extensive range of multipiece graphite rods. These guys specialise in making high quality multipeice rods and I think they are onto a winner with the Rockstar.

The Rockstar has been specially designed to cater for those who target big fish from the rocks. The Australian coast is littered with opportunities to tackle some land based giants but if you are going to target fish from the rocks, you best be prepared.

The Rockstar will give you all you need and more with a line rating of 10-20kg, and a cast weight of a whopping 114 grams. Perfect for pelting out those big metals and stickbaits.

Nitro have built the Rockstar using their Class A high impact defence grade graphite. I can vouch for the toughness of this stuff after putting a few of my own person Nitros through hell and back. The rod itself only weighs 445 grams and I’ve felt a few balanced up with 8000-10000 size Stellas/4500-5000 Saltigas and they matched it spot on.

The rod features a comfortable full length EVA rear grip, to protect the blank on the rocks. This also allows for plenty of leverage on big fish. They are fitted out with Fuji Alconite guides and come in a cloth bag for transport.

It has been a hot seller in Western Australia since its release and no doubt the cliffs off Steep Point, Quobba and the rest of Oz will shortly be lined with Rockstars.

For more info check out

Is there a new Saltiga Dogfight on the horizon?

January 6, 2012 by Josh  
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In 2011, Daiwa Australia took its infamous Dogfight off the market. No longer available, anglers are still frantically calling around tackle stores trying to chase down one to call their own. While some might say Daiwa is crazy cutting such a popular reel, it’s worked before and no doubt they will do it again.

Daiwa loves to get every drop out their new ranges before bringing in additional “tweaked models”. This is reminiscent of their 2001-2002 release of the original Z series Saltiga’s. It took quite a few years before the limited editions such as the Dogfight and the Oz exclusive S-extreme series were released.

Anglers buy up the original release, get their value out of the reels, and a few years later comes an urge to buy again. It makes perfect business sense to keep something up their sleeves for later. Daiwa’s done this before with their Millionaire series, bringing in the cult favourite Black Sheep after the success of the rest of the range. Again the black sheep is still a highly sought after reel.

So can we hope to see a new Dogfight at some point soon? Probably not. At the AFTA trade show in August 2012 there always a chance of a new release, but considering it took 4 odd years before we saw the last one then it’s unlikely we will see any new limited editions this year. After all, the 6500 sizes didn’t arrive in Oz until the later half of 2011, so much for “2010 Saltiga”.

Realistically we can’t expect anything until 2013/14 so let’s hope the mayans got it wrong. Until then, Daiwa fanboys will have to keep their fingers crossed and eyes open for what Shimano might have to put on the table first.

Innovator Nitro Kamikaze and Widow maker rods

June 6, 2010 by Josh  
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A company well know for their out there names has done it again, with the Nitro Kamikaze and Widow Maker series. Nitro have really pulled out the Swiss Army knife of rods with these two big game all-rounders, designed to tackle just about anything you can throw at them.

Heavy duty spinning reels such as the Stella or Saltigas are designed to be versatile and reliable in any fishing conditions. Nitro has made the Kamikaze and Widow Maker rods to suit this versatility. From Trolling and Cubing, to Jigging or Popping these rods can take it all.

On the lighter end of the scale, we have the Kamikaze which is a 15kg, 6 foot rod. With a lure weight of 57 to 368 grams it can be used to throw light weight metal slices at tuna right up to dropping medium to large jigs for Samson and Kingfish.

The heavier of the two is the Widow Maker. With its 24kg line rating and equal 6 foot length this is the whopper stopper you have been looking for. With a capable lure weight of up to 624 grams this rod is ideal for working those bigger jigs in the depths, or throwing those dumbbell sized poppers for Giant Trevally. Drag weight on Nitro’s widow maker is a respectable 18kg @ 45 degrees.

Both rods are fitted out with the best componentry, including fuji silicons and hypalon grips. While still retaining Nitro’s famous simplicity or the black on black finish. Both rods are two piece making them easily transportable to those far away locations we all love to fish.

After using a few Innovator Nitros in my time and never failing to be impressed, I’m sure these two new additions to the ever increasing family of Innovator rods will be just as impressive. Check them out at your local tackle store today.


Goodbye FD, Hello New 2010 Shimano Stella

January 24, 2010 by Josh  
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Shimano Japan has welcomed in the new year with the announcement of the new 2010 Shimano Stella. It appears to be replacing the current(or is that now superseded) Stella FD, which ranges from the 1000 size right up to the 4000.

Depsite coming along way from their beginnings in 1992 , The 2010 Stella has a blue and gold theme, that is somewhat reminiscent of the old FA Stellas a few models back.

Shimano have chosen to use the Super MG body Magnesium and rotors to keep the weight down to a minimum on the sub 2500 sizes. While there larger 2500,3000 and 4000 counter parts have a Super MG body and Power AL Aluminium body .

The new “XShip” gear systems allows for tighter/closer meshing of the gears reducing wear, increasing performance and making for an overall smoother retrieval. Not to mention an oversized main gear and full floating shaft. Shimano’s new EI anti corrosion system is designed to keep these reels going in harshest of conditions.

Other noteable features include two easily accesible service ports in the body and in the bail roller. The machine cut aluminium drag knob was a nice fishing touch to top off what looks to be an amazing reel.

It looks like the 2010 Stella will be released in March in Japan, no news when they will be arriving down under but unfortunately we are usually a fair way behind. Expect at earliest September after the AFTA trade show.

Stay tuned..


The Great Debate – Stella Vs Saltiga

August 18, 2009 by Josh  
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The last thing I want to do is open a can of worms but… I thought that it might be easier for people decide if the stat’s are laid down on paper. The great debate – Stella Vs Saltiga. For this comparisson I’ve chosen two similar reels, the Stella SW20000 and the Saltiga 6500 Expedition.

Myself? I’ve used both. Currently I own a few Stella’s and they have served me well, but friends with their Saltigas are going on 3 or 4 years with out a service. I think you would be hard pressed to find any major performance differences between the two reels, after all these are the ducks nuts when it comes to fishing tackle. It doesn’t get much sweeter.

The Saltiga’s are known for having a lot less maintenance issues, but the Stella’s are nicer to use in my opinion. I’m all for comfort when I’m fishing and my Stella is a dream to spin with all day. That being said, if I was going away for a long period of time and looking for pure reliability then the low maintenance Saltigas would be the go.

Shimano Australia have been known to have the fastest turn around when it comes to service and parts if you do encounter any problems. They also give a 10 year warranty versus Daiwa’s 5, but on the other hand if something is going to go wrong that is a manufacturing fault it won’t take 10 years to develop.

Price? Well when your spending that kind of money whats a few extra bucks either way. They are both similarly priced but the Shimano in most cases just slips in as the more affordable.

Enough sitting on the fence, here’s a few numbers..